“It is actually the separation of sexual energy from the wholeness of life that is the original sin. Shame yourself no longer… It is your right to claim the holy inheritance of your sexuality as a pure and verdant life force for your soul’s expansion as a sovereign creator. It is safe to relax into your sensual nature…” – Kaia Ra, The Sophia Code

Sexual Vibrancy Coaching is rooted in the principle that your sexuality is the most sacred part of your existence. When your sexual nature is pure and active, glorious currents of energy flow through your body and it feels like all of your cells are alive and pleasantly vibrating. I call this experience Vibrance Activation. Embracing this part of your humanness causes you to feel worthy of goodness, grateful to be alive and value all parts of yourself. 

Paradoxically, it’s sexual shadow, the non-sacred aspects of your sexuality, that diminishes Sexual Vibrancy. The shadow is stored in your body. You are wounded each time a part of your sexuality is ignored, demoted, abused, violated, disrespected, dishonored, judged and otherwise traumatized. From advertising and pop culture that creates an atmosphere of feeling not good enough, attractive enough, thin enough and outwardly sexy enough, to parents who unknowingly and naturally impose their wounding onto their children, to peer bullying, to sexual harassment, to someone touching us in a way that didn’t feel good, to molestation, to incest, to rape, we have all been sexually traumatized and wounded. Compensatory patterns of behavior, inauthentic relating, and significant physical contractions result. 

Sexual Vibrancy Coaching reverses the wounding and creates amazing aliveness. Sharing your story with someone who can effectively and lovingly hold space for you dismantles internal shame. Shame blocks our power, our creativity and our freedom. Your sessions may include yoga practice to open your body, clothed bodywork to release holding patterns and practices that unleash the sexual currents in your being. 

This work magically permeates all aspects of our lives: 

  • Thoughts of not being good enough transmute into feeling whole
  • Self-loathing transmutes into self-adoration
  • Shame transmutes into radical acceptance
  • Scarcity transmutes into abundance
  • Doubt transmutes into trust
  • Judgment transmutes into compassion
  • Depression transmutes into gratitude
  • Anxiety transmutes into peace
  • Fear transmutes into present moment consciousness 

Sexual wounding is one of the deepest layers of shadow that resides in our collective consciousness and is responsible for much destruction in our world. Illuminating and healing it in you individually is one of the most powerful undertakings you can do to heal the world, as your liberation impacts everyone…  When you are ready, I am here for you. 

Five Minute Vibrance Activation Yoga Practice


“Martha brings years of experience as a yoga teacher and healer to her Sexual Vibrancy Practice and was able to take one look at me and see clearly what other bodyworkers have missed for years. After our session, I was able to forgive my father and open to a whole new relationship with my own power.” – Tanya