Color Vibrance: Module 1 – Group Class


Practical Applications of Your Color Palette

For eight weeks, I’ll guide you on a practical journey through your palette so that it becomes an incredible support system and pathway to your vibrancy and expression. In our time together, you get to be part of a community who values Color Vibrance as a path to feel fantastic, to deepen the practical applications of your palette and to ask questions that arise for you.

Eight Weeks, Weekly 60 Minute Zoom Classes

  • Group Class $800 (Includes One Private Zoom Session for Personalized Support)
  • Private Class $1400

Week One — Neutrals as Foundational
Week Two — Eye Color for Influence and Balance
Week Three — Skintone, Color of Intimacy
Week Four — Celebratory Red
Week Five — Power Colors
Week Six — Support Color
Week Seven — Pastels for Ease
Week Eight — Metallics and Celebration!