Color Vibrance Introduction


A.  Color Vibrance Analysis
B.  Palette and Educational Booklet
C.  Two 30 minute Zoom sessions:

  1. Introductory Teachings
  2. Presentation and Education of Your Palette

Color Vibrance 

Soul Styling Mentorship

Color has an enormous effect on our lives. When used intentionally, it is a doorway into both present moment conscious and divine embodiment. For me, it transforms my life into more love and vibrancy and I’d love to support you so you can experience the same!

A.  Color Vibrance Analysis
B.  Palette and Educational Booklet
C.  Four 30 minute Zoom sessions:

  1. Introductory Teachings
  2. Presentation and Education of Your Palette
  3. Color Vibrance Personalized Practical Application.
  4. Your Sacred Design Principles

D.  One 60 minute Session
     – Closet Support
     – Curating Your Sacred Expression

Color Vibrance: Module 1
Practical Applications of Your Color Palette

For eight weeks, I’ll guide you on a practical journey through your palette so that it becomes an incredible support system and pathway to your vibrancy and expression. In our time together, you get to be part of a community who values Color Vibrance as a path to feel fantastic, to deepen the practical applications of your palette and to ask questions that arise for you.

Eight Weeks, Weekly 60 Minute Zoom Classes

  • Group Class $800 (Includes One Private Zoom Session for Personalized Support)
  • Private Class $1400

Week One — Neutrals as Foundational
Week Two — Eye Color for Influence and Balance
Week Three — Skintone, Color of Intimacy
Week Four — Celebratory Red
Week Five — Power Colors
Week Six — Support Color
Week Seven — Pastels for Ease
Week Eight — Metallics and Celebration!

Color Vibrance: Module 2
Psychological And Spiritual Explorations of Your Palette to Amplify Your Inner Vibrancy

A deeper experiential and transformational program that curates embodiment of your essence through spiritual psychology.  This program will unify your physical self and soulful self resulting in more alignment, confidence and joy. 

Eight Weeks, Weekly 60 Minute Zoom Classes

  • Group Class $1000 (Includes One Private Zoom Session for Learning Your Personalized Design Principles)
  • Private Class $1800

Week One – Grounding Color — Stabilize and unwind the effects of past hurts
Week Two – White — Relate with the feminine face of spirit
Week Three – Eye — Become the mirror of your soul-what are your truths and what do you value?
Week Four – Skin — Uplevel how you relate with yourself–self-talk, time, resources, decision making
Week Five – Red — Improve your relationship with your sexuality and celebrate life
Week Six – Power — Step into your heart centered power
Week Seven – Support — Purify and up level your supportive self
Week Eight – Integration/Vibrant Expression

By the end of this Program you will feel your inner vibrancy, be part of a powerful community of like-hearted women and feel amazing.  You’ll also be prepared for Module Three, Sacred Sexual Sovereignty.

    Embrace Your Vibrance:

    Practices for Vibrancy Activation

    Dr. Ruth meets Louise Hay in this elegant photography book of 26 practices for Vibrancy Activation, a feeling of complete body aliveness. Offering the ABCs of living a life with meaning, noble purpose and fulfillment, it includes practices like yoga, meditation and dance and advocates the incorporation of sacred sexuality into one’s regular practice discipline.

    Embrace Your Vibrance is a powerful transmission of energy, as when you open it, you’ll immediately feel awake. It is a visual communicator of aliveness that buzzes with energy and will cause you to feel a spontaneous body, mind and soul unification.  

    Trigger warning – it contains content about sexual conditioning, wounding and trauma in the context of healing and beautiful possibility.


    In this one hour video, Martha (previously Lisa) guides you through a complete, challenging and transformative yoga class you can experience at home or while traveling. It is a prescription for enhancing your day and even bigger – redirecting your life and health toward more peace and vibrancy!

    Produced by Jillian Ezra
    Directed by James Wvinner
    Music by David Newman (Durga Das) and savasana by Kevin Courtney

    Which Season and What Colors are the Essence of You?

    An uplifting and educational poem illuminating and describing the psychology of color vibration. We are born embodying specific colors so when we understand our unique color signature, we both align with and move toward our personal power with humility and joy.

    Private Zoom Session with Martha

    Meet with me in our own private Zoom session.