Embrace Your Vibrance:

Practices for Vibrancy Activation

Dr. Ruth meets Louise Hay in this elegant photography book of 26 practices for Vibrancy Activation, a feeling of complete body aliveness. Offering the ABCs of living a life with meaning, noble purpose and fulfillment, it includes practices like yoga, meditation and dance and advocates the incorporation of sacred sexuality into one’s regular practice discipline.

Embrace Your Vibrance is a powerful transmission of energy, as when you open it, you’ll immediately feel awake. It is a visual communicator of aliveness that buzzes with energy and will cause you to feel a spontaneous body, mind and soul unification.


In this one hour video, Martha guides you through a complete, challenging and transformative yoga class you can experience at home or while traveling. It is a prescription for enhancing your day and even bigger – redirecting your life and health toward more peace and vibrancy!

Produced by Jillian Ezra
Directed by James Wvinner
Music by David Newman (Durga Das) and savasana by Kevin Courtney

Which Season and What Colors are the Essence of You?

An uplifting and educational poem illuminating and describing the psychology of color vibration. We are born embodying specific colors so when we understand our unique color signature, we both align with and move toward our personal power with humility and joy.