Have you ever had the intuition that your sexuality is indeed very significant to your feelings of well-being and that it is more important to your vitality and connections than how you’ve been taught (or not taught) by your experiences?

Sexual Vibrancy Coaching is rooted in the principle that because our sexuality is an essential part of our existence and is not separate from our psychology, it’s wonderful to establish a conscious relationship with it. Embracing this part of our humanness causes us to feel worthy of goodness, grateful to be alive and value all parts of ourselves. I think of it as yoga for our entire body, no longer separating them. This work offers a doorway into a great mystery that paves the way toward living in better alignment with our soul’s essence.

Private or group sessions may include yoga practice to open your body, clothed bodywork to release holding patterns and self practices that gently connect and open the sexual currents in your being. 

The solo cultivation work I offer magically permeates all aspects of our lives: 

  • Thoughts of not being good enough transmute into feeling whole
  • Self-loathing transmutes into self-adoration
  • Shame transmutes into radical acceptance
  • Scarcity transmutes into abundance
  • Doubt transmutes into trust
  • Judgment transmutes into compassion
  • Depression transmutes into gratitude
  • Anxiety transmutes into peace
  • Fear transmutes into present moment consciousness

Sexual wounding is one of the deepest layers of shadow that resides in our collective consciousness and is responsible for much destruction in our world. Healing it in us individually is one of the most powerful undertakings we can do to contribute to healing the world, as our liberation impacts everyone…  When you are intrigued, I am here to support you. 

I started working with Martha on Color Vibrancy, both modules, and then onto her Sacred Sexuality course because the container she creates and holds is solid, safe and loving. Through this work I got to shed ancient layers of shame, reclaim the felt sense of my Shakti, be truly seen and held and reflect back the radiant beauty of my sisters, even in their darkest shadow. My private work with Martha is equally transformative. She’s a fearless, powerful and loving guide; a combination not often found. I highly recommend Martha’s class as well as working with privately. Thank you Martha for living your purpose, your commitment to alchemy and raising your sisters up in this lifetime.


I have been on a spiritual awakening journey for over 20 years. Yet my Color Vibrance work with Martha bridging to the Sacred Sexual has been the most powerful and transformational in my connection to the feminine divine and TRUTH. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is ready to dig deep, open your heart, cry, scream, dance, laugh, finally heal old wounds and trauma, and step into your SOVEREIGNTY.

— Lara

“The work Martha is doing and services she offers are so profoundly life altering and soul uncovering. I am so grateful to be working with her and for the colors as entry into the sexual healing path that is the signature of the Mother Goddess.”

— Aurora

“I’ve had a wild and overwhelmingly positive time since my Vibrancy Activation Healing with Martha. After just one healing I have so much more energy and more capacity for getting things done and taking care of myself in a new way. I’ve been noticing that “doing things” is coming from a place of ease instead of feeling overwhelming or annoyed. I have had such clear insights of how I am showing up in relationships and friendships but instead of coming from a place of judgement or drama, they’re coming from a place of love and objectivity. I’ve experienced new levels of ease, creativity and grace. Martha is a gifted healer and an absolute genius–I couldn’t be more grateful for my time with her! And truly the insights keep coming and coming and I have had a CRAZY productive week but in a way that feels so so good!” 

— Morgan

My Vibrancy Activation Session with Martha was transformative and subtle, all at the same time. I was able to access very deep, unexamined parts of myself with relative ease, due to the loving, yet grounded space that Martha holds. Her wisdom is embodied and accessible, never holier-than-thou. Her hands-on yoga expertise, paired with her ability to articulate esoteric concepts in a grounded way, made me feel held and supported in every way.

— Michele

After doing Martha’s Vibrancy Activation practice, I am feeling my womb space for the first time. I usually don’t connect with it but think I am tapping it now! And my libido is amping up 🙂

— Jessica

My experience of doing a Vibrancy Activation Session with Martha felt very empowering. She gave me me a home practice to reawaken dormant energy in terms of my creative expression and feelings of empowerment. It is amazing how sexual energy is tied up with your creativity, sensuality and your self-confidence. I did this session right before traveling to Europe to teach yoga teacher training seminars.  I had done lots of preparation but was nervous at sharing teachings with a new community I was meeting for the first time.  The workshops went beautifully.  My body felt happy and my creativity was completely available.  I felt deeply in tuned with my intuition and feel confident I gave these students and teachers a wonderful experience of finding their own unique voice in their teaching.  Physically, I had a real imbalance in my pelvis as i am recovering from many surgeries after a bike accident. My non injured (supporting) leg has worked so hard over the past 3 years that i was literally in pain walking down the street from tight hip flexors and imbalances from right to left.  Martha helped to unwind the stiffness in the supporting leg so that energy could flow more evenly through both legs. My gait improved and my pain lessened immediately. I felt more grounded as I prepared for my teaching trip to Europe.

— Jacalyn

Five Minute Vibrancy Activation Yoga Practice


Sacred Sexual Sovereignty

Your sexuality is the most sacred part of you.  It is your divine power source and the entryway into full embodiment.  

Approaching your sexuality as sacred by incorporating it as a solo and essential practice is the path to personal sovereignty, deep fulfillment and life expansion as well as ecstatic bliss, cosmic connection and sexual satisfaction.  

Sovereignty indicates supreme heart-centered authority in one’s being wherein one experiences their divinity. Engaging in sacred sexuality practice creates incremental sovereignty in one’s life. This safe and intimate container offers you this potentiality.  I promise to take you by your hand, lead you from my heart, and show you practicalities of the divine path of Sacred Sexual Sovereignty.  If your body has awakened from reading this, I invite and encourage you to listen and respect her communication.

By the end of working together, you will have an entirely new  relationship with yourself and have the practical tools for even more sovereignty, fulfillment and expansion.  As this work is experiential, you’ll be asked to practice at least 2x per week to benefit.  The sensitive and tender nature of this work requires a commitment to show up to the calls for the safety and comfort of your fellow participants.  

If you have any questions and would like to chat or if you are hesitant and would like support, please request a discovery call.  I feel honored and joyful to share this ecstatic realm with you and I hope you will join me!