Color Vibrance: Module 2 – Group Class


Psychological And Spiritual Explorations of Your Palette to Amplify Your Inner Vibrancy

A deeper experiential and transformational program that curates embodiment of your essence through spiritual psychology.  This program will unify your physical self and soulful self resulting in more alignment, confidence and joy.

Eight Weeks, Weekly 60 Minute Zoom Classes

  • Group Class $1000 (Includes One Private Zoom Session for Learning Your Personalized Design Principles)
  • Private Class $1800

Week One – Grounding Color — Stabilize and unwind the effects of past hurts
Week Two – White — Relate with the feminine face of spirit
Week Three – Eye — Become the mirror of your soul-what are your truths and what do you value?
Week Four – Skin — Uplevel how you relate with yourself--self-talk, time, resources, decision making
Week Five – Red — Improve your relationship with your sexuality and celebrate life
Week Six – Power — Step into your heart centered power
Week Seven – Support — Purify and up level your supportive self
Week Eight – Integration/Vibrant Expression

By the end of this Program you will feel your inner vibrancy, be part of a powerful community of like-hearted women and feel amazing.  You’ll also be prepared for Module Three, Sacred Sexual Sovereignty.

"I get that you stand for my freedom. I deeply appreciate that. I get that every woman you help set free is one less knot in the fascia of our collective womanhood. Every goddess that breaths easy lubricates the whole. I see you mama. Thank you." —Tracy

"It was pure magic. I have been on a high since then." — Shelley

"Holy shit that was fucking incredible." —Lara

"You rock totally. You are beyond." —Aurora

"I wore the dress you picked out and felt like a total embodied goddess. It was so awesome. Yesterday my friends were wearing black Lululemon outfits and I just felt so good in my body much more present in my body because I wore that dress. Thank you so much."
— Morgan

"For a year or two you asked me if I wanted to get my colors done. I had had my colors done in the 1980s, and I thought it was kind of fun but gimmicky thing to do. I had no idea that getting my “colors done“ would be such I deep and transformative and spiritual experience. And then at one point I remember you saying that your colors was just the beginning —like being in kindergarten. I did not have any frame of reference for what that meant but then I felt resistance because I didn’t understand what that meant, and I didn’t have a clue that this was the entry point of such a supportive and nurturing journey. If you are considering it, your palate is the singular signature of your soul light- No one else in the world has your particular palette. And the colors of your palate provide a window into your beauty finger print, your innate wisdom, your self-expression, your deep and ever evolving self as the embodiment of the divinity that you are…. " —Robin

"Color Vibrance has changed how I think and feel about what I wear. Before this class, I never thought about how wearing a certain color would change how I felt about myself or how others perceived me. Martha’s true love and desire to help others reach their highest level of self confidence, power and radiance is remarkable and a testament to a true gift in empowering women to reach their ultimate potential. By teaching you what colors suit you best, based on your eye color, skin color and hair color, Color Vibrance adds another dimension to your life. It helps you to understand what colors will ground you, what colors will draw people to you and what colors will bring you a sense of peace. Wearing colors that suit you best depending on the situation, you can change how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you." —Laura

"I feel so great wearing my colors, I never want to wear anything else! Martha is amazing." —Catherine