• Week 1 – Color Vibrance Awakening
  • Weeks 2 and 3- Body Awakening
  • Weeks 4 and 5 – Spirit Awakening
  • Weeks 6 and 7 – Heart Awakening
  • Weeks 8 and 9 – Sexual Awakening
  • Weeks 10 and 11 – Shakti Awakening
  • Weeks 12 and 13 – Goddess Awakening
  • Week 14 – Abundance Awakening
  • Week 15 – Leadership and Community Awakening
  • Week 16 – Goddess Awakened Celebration


  • An autographed copy of my sacred book, “Embrace Your Vibrance: Practices for Vibrancy Activation”
  • Your personalized color palette and my educational booklet, “Which Season and What Colors are the Essence of You?”
  • Goddess Treasure Package valued at $240
  • Two 60 minute group zoom calls each week with Martha
  • One Community group zoom call each week
  • Two 30 minute private coaching sessions with Martha


Who is this for?

This immersion is for female-identified yoginis, therapists, healers and anyone who has a spiritual practice. My vision is to empower you, an existing spiritual practitioner, to become the living embodiment of the Goddess!

I know you. I was you. You are devoted to your practices, you’ve done trainings and you have grown tremendously from them. Your mind is strong and smart. You’ve figured out how to live in alignment with your principles.

Yet you still feel dissatisfaction. Maybe you experience some mild depression, worry or anxiety or maybe you wish your life were different. Perhaps you feel overworked, underworked or depleted. Or, maybe you are content and have a strong desire to expand and explore new facets of life.

It is clear to me that the missing link is embracing YOUR FEMININE ESSENCE and stepping into your GODDESS NATURE.

I was a yoga student and teacher for 18 years. I loved it. It transformed me. And then, when I opened to my FEMININE ESSENCE, an entirely new and glorious paradigm emerged. My physical body activated, my mind calmed down and I truly lived in grounded present moment consciousness. I learned to embrace my inner beauty and express myself in a way that aligns with my authenticity and heart-centered power. I feel like a Goddess.

Women all over the world are rising and power is slowly shifting away from patriarchy into balance. 2021 is the year for you to show up for yourself in a much bigger way so that you contribute, in your unique ways, to the global shift. Our individual transformations create collective influence.

In this Four Month Immersion, I’ll hold you safely and securely.

I’ll guide you to your feminine essence by holding your hand and leading you by my heart.

With my devotion and enthusiasm, I will elegantly and intelligently escort you.

VIBRANTLY ACTIVATED YOU is an integrative program that awakens your BODY, SPIRIT, HEART, SEXUALITY, SHAKTI, ABUNDANCE, LEADERSHIP, COMMUNITY and GODDESS NATURE. It offers a comprehensive curriculum and strong container for you to explore, shine and collaborate with like-hearted women.

By the end, your way of being will radically transmute. You will be on your way toward a life of more ease, joy and fulfillment. You’ll have the practices that cause you, as a divine woman, to LAND fully in your body. You will radiate and FEEL like the Goddess you were born to be. You’ll be the leader that you know is your future.

If you feel scared or uncomfortable, this is natural and normal!! Transformation can be scary AND I know that if you are reading this, YOU ARE READY! Your past has prepared you for this moment, just as mine had when I said YES.

I am so excited for YOU!

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